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Apple Is Doing Its Part to End Green Bubble Shaming. It’s Our Turn.

While texting technology will soon get better, the “blue versus green bubble” disparity is far from over.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Henry Kissinger, Who Shaped U.S. Cold War History, Dies at 100

The most powerful secretary of state of the postwar era, he was both celebrated and reviled. His complicated legacy still resonates in relations with China, Russia and the Middle East.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Gold Bars and Tokyo Apartments: How Money Is Flowing Out of China.

Chinese families are sending money overseas, a sign of worry about the country’s economic and political future. But a cheaper currency is also helping exports.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Germany to Override Debt Limit to Resolve Budget Crisis

Chancellor Olaf Scholz pledged financial support for economic modernization and Ukraine, but will need backing for new borrowing to fill a spending gap.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Shein, the Fast-Fashion Giant, Is Said to Have Filed for an I.P.O.

The retailer, founded in China, filed confidentially to take the company public in the U.S., a person familiar with the plans said.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Warnings Emerge Over Emirati A.I. Firm G42’s Ties to China

American spy agencies have warned about the Emirati firm G42 and its work with large Chinese companies that U.S. officials consider security threats.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Can Taiwan Continue to Fight Off Chinese Disinformation?

Ahead of a presidential election in January, Taiwanese fact checkers and watchdogs say they are ready for Beijing. But they are still worried.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original