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China’s Lust for Durian Is Creating Fortunes in Southeast Asia

Demand for the fruit, known for its rich taste and intense smell, has reshaped parts of Southeast Asia, where it has long been a staple.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Middle East Crisis: Israel Says It Will Reduce Fighting in Part of Southern Gaza

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled he was surprised by the military saying it would pause daytime operations in an important aid corridor. Military officials emphasized that the Rafah offensive would continue.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Fake News Still Has a Home on Facebook

Christopher Blair, a renowned “liberal troll” who posts falsehoods to Facebook, is having a banner year despite crackdowns by Facebook and growing competition from A.I.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Supreme Court Backs Starbucks Over ‘Memphis 7’ Union Case

In a blow to the National Labor Relations Board, the justices made it more difficult to order employers to reinstate fired workers.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

The Fed Holds Rates Steady and Predicts Just One Reduction This Year

Federal Reserve officials signaled that interest rates could stay higher this year as policymakers pause to ensure they’ve stamped out inflation.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

In China’s Backyard, America Has Become a Humbler Superpower

The United States no longer towers over the Asia-Pacific, dictating terms to its allies. Instead, it’s offering to be a teammate and share responsibilities.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Convictions of Biden’s Son and Trump Put the Justice System on Trial

But despite the partisan roar, two juries appeared to seriously weigh the evidence and deliver verdicts. The system seemed to work as it is supposed to.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original