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‘El Loco’ Won the Argentina Election Last Month With Outlandish Ideas. Now He’s Backpedaling.

Milei pledged to cut ties with China and slash public spending. Ahead of Sunday’s inauguration, he has taken a softer tone.

The Wall Street Journal |  | Fuente original

SEC Head Warns Against ‘AI Washing,’ the High-Tech Version of ‘Greenwashing’

Agency head Gary Gensler cautioned businesses against peddling phony AI-related hype.

The Wall Street Journal |  | Fuente original

Xi Jinping Is Asserting Tighter Control of Finance in China

The Communist Party’s main theoretical journal has laid out a new ideological framework for the financial system that emphasizes the primacy of China’s top leader and Marxist principles.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

How Nations Are Losing a Global Race to Tackle A.I.’s Harms

Alarmed by the power of artificial intelligence, Europe, the United States and others are trying to respond — but the technology is evolving more rapidly than their policies.

The New York Times |  | Fuente original

Britons may be forced to take selfie before viewing pornography

Ofcom could roll out ‘facial age estimation’ systems to protect children online

The Telegraph |  | Fuente original

Brussels delays electric car tariffs by three years as UK EV sales slump

Postponement of new trade rules comes amid a collapse in private buyer demand for EVs

The Telegraph |  | Fuente original

Earth on verge of five catastrophic climate tipping points, scientists warn

Humanity faces ‘devastating domino effects’ including mass displacement and financial ruin as planet warms

The Guardian |  | Fuente original