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China and Russia are already playing the new Great Game

Victory for the Taliban is redrawing the strategic map in central Asia. The West risks being left behind by its rivals, writes Catherine Philp

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UK to admit 20,000 Afghan refugees

Boris Johnson will vow today to bring in 20,000 Afghan refugees in recognition of the “debt of gratitude” Britain owes the country now under Taliban rule.The pr

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Businesses tempt Covid vaccine shy with vouchers and discounts

Asda, National Express and are among companies that will offer incentives to customers who get vaccinated against coronavirus.The group of busine

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Triumphant Taliban take Kabul as President Ghani flees

Afghanistan was braced for a full-scale return to Taliban rule last night as the government in Kabul collapsed, the western-backed president fled and fighters e

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Thousands of civil service jobs at risk in Whitehall spending overhaul

Ministers are drawing up plans to cut thousands of civil service jobs and reduce the size of Whitehall as part of a three-year review of government spending.

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Watchdog fails to act over costly PCR holiday tests

Businesses accused of charging rip-off fees for holiday coronavirus testing will not be tackled by the competition watchdog until after the summer break.

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Energy bills to rise by £139 for 11 million households

Energy bills for 15 million households will rise by at least 12 per cent from October as the price cap is increased because of record-high gas costs.

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