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Singapore’s key exports fall 8.7% in June

Electronic exports declined by 9.5 per cent

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

FBI joins probe into deaths of 6 foreigners at Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok

Two of the six guests found dead at the hotel were US citizens

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

Trump picks one-time critic J. D. Vance, now a fierce defender, as his running mate

Staunch conservative Mr Vance is unlikely to bring many new voters into Trump’s corner and may even alienate some moderates

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

Singapore Airlines group flew 9.6 million people in strong first quarter

The number of passengers rose 13.8 per cent from the same period last year

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

Biden, in Oval Office address, asks Americans to ‘cool it down’ after Trump shooting

The Republican candidate was shot in the ear by a 20-year-old gunman who was killed

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

How vapes hooked a new generation in Australia who shunned smoking

After the pandemic, stores selling vapes targeting young people popped up across the country

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

Russia tried to assassinate CEO of German arms firm sending weapons to Ukraine, reports say

WASHINGTON - U.S. intelligence discovered earlier this year that Russia planned to assassinate the chief executive of German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall that has been producing artillery shells and military vehicles for Ukraine, CNN reported on Thursday, citing five unidentified U.S. and Western officials

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original