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Singapore economy grew 2.7% in Q1, but growth over previous quarter was slowest in a year

Growth expected to strengthen in the rest of 2024 as manufacturing improves

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

Iran aims to contain fallout in Israel response, will not be hasty: Sources

Israel had attacked Iran's Syrian embassy, killing senior military commanders, earlier

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

Chinese cities further ease home buying policies to spur sales

15 cities have removed the lower limit for mortgage rates on first-home purchases

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

South Korean prime minister offers to resign after party defeat: Yonhap

His party was trounced by the opposition in parliamentary elections and failed to win back a majority

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

Biden says Netanyahu’s approach to war in Gaza is a ‘mistake’

Mr Biden has previously called Israel’s bombing in Gaza “indiscriminate” and its military actions “over the top”

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

Mercury rising: How S’pore is coping with the scorching heat

The annual hot season has been pervaded by a hangover of 2023’s warmer-than-usual weather due to El Nino. The Straits Times picture desk braves the crucible of heat and soaring ultraviolet levels to capture scenes unfolding across the sun-baked island.

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original

S’pore to face tough competition for IPOs from US, Hong Kong and London as equity markets recover

The expected rivalry comes amid drop in firms going public over past two years

The Straits Times |  | Fuente original