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Nvidia reports stratospheric growth as AI boom shows no sign of stopping

Chipmaker reports strong demand and higher-than-expected revenue even as other companies spend to develop their own chips

The Guardian |  | Fuente original

Almost a third of household smart meters not working properly, says Citizens Advice

Charity says tech problems and poor customer service mean millions in Great Britain missing out on promised benefits

The Guardian |  | Fuente original

Large-scale nuclear power station planned for Anglesey in Wales

Ministers are discussing who will build the plant, which will join Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C as major future suppliers to the grid

The Guardian |  | Fuente original

‘Never-ending’ UK rain made 10 times more likely by climate crisis, study says

Winter downpours also made 20% wetter and will occur every three years without urgent carbon cuts, experts warn

The Guardian |  | Fuente original

ChatGPT suspends Scarlett Johansson-like voice as actor speaks out against OpenAI

OpenAI says ‘Sky’ is not an imitation of actor’s voice after users compare it to AI companion character in film Her

The Guardian |  | Fuente original

UK cannot afford to give ‘cold shoulder’ to China, says City minister

Bim Afolami’s comments distance British government from protectionist moves by US

The Guardian |  | Fuente original

More than 6,000 UK bank branches now gone in nine years of ‘disastrous’ closures

Thirty-three constituencies, including two in London, will not have a single bank branch by the end of the year, says Which?

The Guardian |  | Fuente original