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Boris Johnson warns coronavirus 'will get worse before it gets better' as UK cases jump 57 per cent in a day

Coronavirus has entered a stage where it can no longer be contained in Britain and public health efforts must move towards delaying the spread, experts warned as cases soared.

País: Reino Unido Medio: The Telegraph Fecha: 02-03-2020

Australia's most populous state New South Wales says fires contained for first time in nearly 6 months

SYDNEY (REUTERS) - Fires across Australia's most populous state New South Wales are now contained for the first time in nearly six months, authorities said on Friday (Feb 14), as heavy rains aid firefighters and boost some dam levels to their highest in nearly two years.

País: Singapur Medio: The Straits Times Fecha: 14-02-2020

China’s Coronavirus Response Is Questioned: ‘Everyone Was Blindly Optimistic’

People close to the Wuhan government said officials were overly optimistic that the outbreak would be contained while they focused on other priorities.

País: Estados Unidos Medio: The Wall Street Journal Fecha: 24-01-2020